Kartika Sari ExtensionKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
An object guided by its functionality. The project evolves into a truly useful solution. On one side, merchandise shelves reinforce the fluid geometry, while the other provides backdrop for the company logo directed towards the restaurant sitting areas. The logo installation encourages the customers to take photos and posts them on social media of their choice. It is a morphing of a dynamic space-making and user’s interaction.

A new stand alone merchandise display island is further informed by our previous project, FLOW, located within the same area. It aims to reconsider the balance between furniture and space.

Oct 2013 | Commercial | Built
Red DragonKartika Sari, Cimahi

Red Dragon redefines an organic sequence of spaces in responding to a confined rectangular site. 

Oct 2013 | Commercial | Built
Madame Sari RestaurantKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
Long and sinuous wicker bench brings dynamism to this newly renovated central dining area of Madame Sari Restaurant. The open atmosphere is now restored to improve visual clarity for the users. Its welcoming gesture organizes interior circulation and creates ample space for flexible table configurations to accommodate large groups of diners. This project manifests our continuous research in the use of rattan craft construction. The result is a striking duo-tone texture that complements its curving shape in the spirit of architecture that belongs to its place.
Jul 2013 | Commercial | Built
Monochroma-REDKartika Sari Kopo, Bandung
The design features a corner intervention which actively engages customers. The monochromatic color serves as background where horizontal display plates float, gradually emerge from a geometric accent wall and becomes a sloping landscape sculpture. We continue to explore notions of merchandise textural fields and to expand on pragmatic and innovative retail solution.
Apr 2013 | Commercial | Built
Villa DagoBandung
Villa Dago is situated on a long site with an 18 meter drop offering a majestic view towards the city of Bandung. Forming vertical stepped terraces, this transparent rectangular volume cantilevers and spans largely without interior columns. Openness and elegance come together and allow the occupants to extend their perception of interior to exterior and the views beyond.
Feb 2013 | Residential | Project