Kunang SpiroPlaza Senayan Mall, Jakarta

Illusion of space. The  full-height storefront "portals" present uninterrupted views into the store in a single view, with dedicated frames for the merchandise. Viewed from the interior, the recessed display units create a contrasting backdrop for highlighting the unique jewelry pieces into focus.

Dec 2012 | Commercial | Built
EchofoldKartika Sari Haji Akbar, Bandung
An important aspect of the work is this captured sense of fluidity, as the displayed merchandise is constantly evolving (seasonally) and responding to the moving customers inside the store. Four unique geometric islands twist and spiral-up while independently enriching the shopping experience and introducing surprises in human interaction. The islands are constructed in folded metal plates. The entire scheme is unified by a neutral off white color and black plinths.
Oct 2012 | Commercial | Built
ITB MosqueJatinangor
The Mosque complex functions to serve the ITB campus as well as local community. It is a social space and a cultural space that provide services in educating the public about Islamic values. The entrance to the complex is marked by geometric composition of the various facilities, elevated main prayer hall and linked open public areas on the ground floor celebrating the coming together of diversified audience and religious tolerance. It is also a gateway to the ITB campus from its southeastern corner.
Oct 2012 | Culture | Competition
MORENOSKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
Text to follow
Sep 2012 | Commercial | Built
TOMODACHI BoutiqueGrand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta
The renovated shoe-box space is restructured at both opposite ends. The front area is for mannequin window display and cashier whereas the back end is for fitting rooms, waiting area and storage. Around 7100 orange cloth pins hovers over the interior, defining a line across existing elements such as lighting fixtures and linear AC grilles. The vertical orange wall accents the space and provide backdrop for the waiting area. 
Jul 2012 | Commercial | Built
Lombok Epicentrum SquareMataram
Lombok Epicentrum Square, as an organic whole, is conceived and inspired by the local Sasak traditional village. Instead of borrowing Sasak's rice barn formal appearance like many of the current development in Lombok, we question the value of transformation adapted from local culture. We build our understanding upon the village's sustainability standards such as meandering public path to access a range of facilities to be enjoyed primarily by walking, zones of shaded area beneath the tropical sun, and the effective integration of building and landscape.
Jul 2012 | Masterplan | Competition
WAVEKartika Sari Haji Akbar, Bandung
Wave is a design focusing on the use of natural fiber construction and craft. In this particular case, rattan is the material of choice which is a material commonly used in Indonesian wicker furniture. Our aim is to further reinterpret tradition in a new form that is still rooted in our cultural heritage. 
Jun 2012 | Commercial | Built
Meeting roomsKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
A continuous and dynamic ceiling arches extends to the farthest end corridor as additional interior canopy for the second floor restaurant sitting area. The corridor becomes a functional yet experiential space bordering a softly curving wall that contains 4 flexible meeting rooms. Each meeting rooms is centered on a barrel vault ceiling with integrated indirect lighting. A sense of continuity is achieved when partition screens are folded and the interior barrel vault ceiling design loosely creates a visual connection to the arches beyond.
Apr 2012 | Commercial | Built
Little GwenKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
A field of undulating nylon strings creates an aqueous ceiling which evokes exotic forms of sea life coral against natural sunlight. The resulting ambience is ever-changing and stimulates pleasing spatial layers with varying depth of pinkish hues seen from different vantage points. Upon closer observation, one is subjected to its particular design technique and fabrication.
Mar 2012 | Commercial | Built