National Library (Perpusnas)Jakarta
The proposed site is behind the historic Trisula Building, located amongst government buildings. Our design is a semi-transparent cube which aspires to provide a civic institution for the circulation of knowledge. A generous multi-level reading room ascends upward to connect with overlapping platforms of books arranged in a thoughtful and logical manner. The result is a luminous volume comfortable for reading. Visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the National Monument. 
Nov 2010 | Culture | Competition
AQSA CampusSragen
The premise of the new AQSA factory plant requires a negotiation between integrated green spaces and the predetermined production sequence imposed on the site. In our proposal, green spaces and communal facilities are distributed across the site and we organize clusters of production zones around them. The overall plant resembles a checker board co-existence of uninterrupted independence versus maximum contact. The front elevation facing the main road is to be covered by tropical green vines creating a lush tunnel, making it an identity to set it apart from the neighboring plants. 
Oct 2010 | Masterplan | Competition
Our proposal took the existing, vacant buildings and the unbuilt area and merged them with new infrastructure and construction to form a cultural block with the Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (MKAA) or Museum of the Asian African Conference as its heart. Auxiliary functions, such as multi purpose hall, ATM+Gallery, Urban Creative Center, Public Library and a reading park will complete the southern perimeter block. The new public space gives way to complex juxtapositions, overlaps and - occasionally - confrontations of various types of collective spaces.

Jun 2010 | Masterplan | Competition
Center for Arts, Design and LanguagesITB campus, Bandung
'Study, production and display' becomes the central theme of our proposal. The building's organization enhances the curriculum without limiting its development and exemplifies areas of cross-fertilization as well as areas of specialization. Gradual transition between exterior and interior of any physical rooms, trigger particular uses into an interactive display sequence, ubiquitous production space and so on. The combination of public access and mixed programs reinforces a fluid continuation of campus and city life.
Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
Center for Advanced StudiesITB campus, Bandung
Situated across from the Center for Research and Community Services, a diagonal public path define new areas of public space and encourage new ways to navigate the Center of Advanced Studies and the East side of ITB Main Library which currently is underused. Therefore, a new sunken garden towards the Southwest area reinforces its importance as a bridge to the remaining campus area. A circuitry of vertical movement weaves in and out of formal spaces resulting in an active terrace condition and to animate the building facade.
Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
Center for Research and Community ServicesITB campus, Bandung
Situated at the end of a traverse axis, our proposal consists of a medium-high public entity and a tall sculpted mass connected by a grand public staircase. The building captures the campus' energy inward and releases it back into platforms of consolidated autonomous public and students facilities with a transparent multi-purpose sports hall at its center. An expansive canopy provides shades and flexibity for a myriad campus activities.
Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
Center for Infrastructure and Built EnvironmentITB campus, Bandung
Two strategies initiate the design of this visually dynamic building as it twists towards the upper floors. Firstly, the building integrates spatial and programmatic definition intended to promote focused and interactive learning environments. Secondly, an efficient sustainability concept is developed around a central atrium distributing reflected daylight and promoting passive air cooling inside the building. 
Feb 2010 | Education | Competition