House 11Jakarta
Located at the back plot of an existing house, House 11 maximizes the use natural ventilation through recycled teak frame and glass jalousie windows to cool the interior spaces. The new design is compact yet it feels spacious as a complete upgrade from the previous structure.  
Nov 2009 | Residential | Built
Vocational School, Univ. IndonesiaDepok
During the actual process of change in The University of Indonesia, the new vocational school building marks a thoughtful departure. The current masterplan consisting of linear buildings arranged along a straight walkway has an implication of separating the various departments. By intensifying the relationship of these separate entities, it creates exciting possibilities for a new campus.
Jul 2009 | Education | Competition
The Polish History MuseumWarsaw, Poland
A new civic presence

To give the Polish History Museum a strong and positive image, we propose to create a new landmark building that compliments the existing landscape and make it a continuous whole, putting it in its place a complex and singular architecture that becomes the new symbol for Warsaw, conquers the disjunction created by the Trasa Łazienkowska and appropriates views of the Skarpa Wiślana and beyond. 

Jun 2009 | Culture | Competition
LCC SchoolBandung
The proposed building is located in an irregular site with a scale more appropriate to that of the surrounding single story row houses. Its U-shaped plan maximizes an interior courtyard lined with classrooms in order to provide natural cross-ventilation and day-lighting. Supporting programs such as libraries, playrooms and waiting room are nestled within nodes of main corridor. 
May 2009 | Education | Project
AREA 31Bale Endah, Bandung
The project visualizes an idealistic, realistic and sincere planning proposal for a 31-hectare land. The masterplan explores a polycentric high density living conditions by allowing adjacent active farm lands and artisan villages to become an integral part of its strategic and flexible planning.
Apr 2009 | Masterplan | Project
MR 150 housingBale Endah, Bandung
The design strategy for this site takes advantage of wooded and mountainous southern scenery. The north/south axis becomes the principal orientation for multiple housing typologies introduced to optimize individual lot division. Most units are single story house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 kitchenette and living/dining room.
Feb 2009 | Housing | Built