House + ClinicBandung
The project is conceived as a double house with modified pitched roof. Entrance to the clinic is located on the west side, while the entrance to the house is on the north side in order to separate the residential area from the commercial side. Second floor’s bedroom and living area benefit from a full view of the tree lined neighborhood.
Dec 2008 | Residential | Project
MA 230 housingBale Endah, Bandung
The block plan seeks to engage the irregular site by creating housing blocks punctuated by public squares. In this way, views toward surrounding mountains can be enjoyed from these squares which also acts as points of references within the complex. Each house optimizes floor area ratio and encourages the use of passive natural ventilation.
Mar 2008 | Housing | Project
Pulau IndahBandung
Blue punctuates distinct areas such as main entrance, cashier, fitting rooms and storage in this newly unified space. A linear tubular steel frame runs throughout the interior perimeter for clothes display. The resulting space is bright and provides freedom for numerous in-store display configurations.
Mar 2008 | Commercial | Built
TS ResidenceBandung
The site is located on a north/south lane, lined with mature trees on both sides. All windows are positioned to allow natural daylighting and ventilation for optimized comfort, and to frame views. Ground floor living area can expand towards covered terrace and inner courtyard to accommodate entertaining programs.
Jan 2008 | Residential | Built