Situated at a corner of a busy intersection, the front fa├žade displays an intense use of colors. For the interior, inserted red floor tiles and a mirror-finished stainless steel drop- ceiling create zones of flexible spaces which are possible for merchandise display, exhibition and workshop/classroom. Separate rooms are dedicated for cashier and storage.
Sep 2006 | Commercial | Built
Hana flower boutiqueJakarta
One long counter doubles as pedestal inside this glass box. It bends to allow for optimum work areas and storage. Lighting and calming neutral in-store color provide focus to the fresh flowers displayed.
Jun 2006 | Commercial | Built
firli illuminatiJakarta
An illuminated jewel box. Mirrored walls extend this retail space on three sides. The main seating area is defined by a luminous white steel frame and custom made sofas. The store is conceived as the new branding image for firli exclusive jewelry founded by prominent Indonesian jewelry designer Kunang Andries.
Feb 2006 | Commercial | Built
One hectare GardenBandung
Upon arrival, visitors stand before an entry gate with panoramic view of the entire garden. The garden lies behind an existing retaining wall with a 2 meter drop.

A network of pebbled pathways and brick paving links the diverse botanical clusters where visitors are allowed to participate in cultivating vegetables and flowers or to simply enjoy the landscape. 

Grass lawn is designated for picnic area and al fresco dining, surrounded by aromatic flower gardens and water features.
Feb 2006 | Masterplan | Project