Pour Le MieuxJakarta
The design optimizes an oval plan into two distinct areas: perimeter circulation and interior cellular spaces which consist of fitting room, cashier and storage. Burgundy velvet panels provide backdrop to the clothes while absorbing sound reflected by the surrounding glass wall. The atmosphere is sophisticated yet exclusive.
Dec 2005 | Commercial | Built
Hotel KBandung
Its 850 meter altitude above sea level presents an ideal setting to enjoy temperate climate of Bandung and to view Mount Tangkubanparahu. Contextually, the site is well-located in a prime area, except it has drawbacks of poor architectural quality of its immediate surroundings. Our proposal aims for a singular building combining spatial excitement and conceptual clarity.
Nov 2005 | Hospitality | Project
Garden of Hope, Nusa DuaBali
A new garden for social optimism
Our proposal of park infrastructures redesign constitutes an integrated landscape of cultural surfaces. It embodies and manifests multiple layers of landforms, history, tradition, technological innovations, collective and popular recreations. The park expresses a tableau of evolving relationships, momentum and self-organizing structures of patterns and events. It moves beyond a simple functionalism in favor of models that promote adaptability, technical cooperation, technical innovation, comfort, and pleasure. The subdivision of the surfaces of the site into these major elements, provide a contemporary template for a co-evolving system of mutual interconnection.

Aug 2005 | Masterplan | Competition