T ResidenceBandung
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Oct 2022 | Residential | Built
S.Kulon ResidenceBandung
The renovation looks into an articulation between two expressions on the basis of vertical and horizontal expansiveness, as well as distribution of domestic spaces varying in scales. Most interior zones enjoy optimal natural lighting and ventilation, a fundamental comfort for tropical living.
Jun 2016 | Residential | Built
Villa DagoBandung
Villa Dago is situated on a long site with an 18 meter drop offering a majestic view towards the city of Bandung. Forming vertical stepped terraces, this transparent rectangular volume cantilevers and spans largely without interior columns. Openness and elegance come together and allow the occupants to extend their perception of interior to exterior and the views beyond.
Feb 2013 | Residential | Project
House 6Jakarta
The house geometric presence gives a striking sculptural quality in a crowded residential block in central Jakarta. A continuous interior space on the ground floor is for living, entertaining and displaying art. Natural daylight and ventilation is a significant part of the scheme to enrich our client’s daily activities.
Jun 2011 | Residential | Built
M ResidenceBandung
Spanning largely almost the full width of its site, the ground floor is free to extend the main living space into surrounding terraces and gardens. Private areas, such as bedrooms and study room, are elevated on a T-shaped configuration where a spiral staircase anchors vertical connection. Contrasting stone wall treatments provide textured background for the interior spaces.
Mar 2011 | Residential | Project
House 11Jakarta
Located at the back plot of an existing house, House 11 maximizes the use natural ventilation through recycled teak frame and glass jalousie windows to cool the interior spaces. The new design is compact yet it feels spacious as a complete upgrade from the previous structure.  
Nov 2009 | Residential | Built
House + ClinicBandung
The project is conceived as a double house with modified pitched roof. Entrance to the clinic is located on the west side, while the entrance to the house is on the north side in order to separate the residential area from the commercial side. Second floor’s bedroom and living area benefit from a full view of the tree lined neighborhood.
Dec 2008 | Residential | Project
TS ResidenceBandung
The site is located on a north/south lane, lined with mature trees on both sides. All windows are positioned to allow natural daylighting and ventilation for optimized comfort, and to frame views. Ground floor living area can expand towards covered terrace and inner courtyard to accommodate entertaining programs.
Jan 2008 | Residential | Built