T ResidenceBandung
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Oct 2022 | Residential | Built
Alana - Venus BranchBandung
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Apr 2022 | Commercial | Built
KIS Expansion IIBandung
The new building expansion occupies a preserved corner lot behind an L-shaped building. The program is a double height storage space with a mezzanine deck, ensuring a significant 250% increase in storage capacity and a new working area.

Oct 2020 | Commercial | Built
A developer house conversion into commercial use where different tenants will occupy lower and upper floors.
Jul 2020 | Commercial | Built
KIS LogisticsBekasi
Our design scheme explores a floating colorful volume that displays the company`s signature orange color which glows in the night. In this way, we are able to highlight 25% of total built area for dedicated office and gathering spaces. The remaining 75% area is used as storage facility.
Jan 2020 | Commercial | Built
Drawing inspiration from the serene and organic landscape of Ciwidey as well as from contemporary art installations, the placement of new interior partitions within existing structures was deliberately conceived to create memorable visits where customers can learn more about the company’s products and mission. Our strategy was to create a space which promotes intimate interaction between customers and FEED’s merchandise in a way which contributes to aesthetically pleasing brand harmony.
Nov 2018 | Commercial | Built
Stanley MarthinBandung
Inspired by the silhouette of pre-war cars, the project takes on a curvaceous volumetric composition, spanning the width of the building. 
Dec 2017 | Commercial | Built
Kartika Sari Buah BatuBandung
The interior design scheme for this commercial space was derived from the concept of ‘surface and light’ in seeking new ways to articulate space within a confined context.
Jul 2016 | Commercial | Built
S.Kulon ResidenceBandung
The renovation looks into an articulation between two expressions on the basis of vertical and horizontal expansiveness, as well as distribution of domestic spaces varying in scales. Most interior zones enjoy optimal natural lighting and ventilation, a fundamental comfort for tropical living.
Jun 2016 | Residential | Built
KIS ExpansionBandung
The purpose of our design intervention is to retune the existing building with functional considerations where interior volumetric definition is deliberately conditioned by ceiling heights and generously sized interior windows to achieve clearer visual field. 
Dec 2015 | Commercial | Built
Kirana Sari Flagship StoreBandung

In achieving a recognizable design, Kirana Sari Flagship Store is the perfect expression reflecting the brand’s identity as a distillation of modern Indonesia.

Apr 2015 | Commercial | Built
Kartika Sari ExtensionKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
An object guided by its functionality. The project evolves into a truly useful solution. On one side, merchandise shelves reinforce the fluid geometry, while the other provides backdrop for the company logo directed towards the restaurant sitting areas. The logo installation encourages the customers to take photos and posts them on social media of their choice. It is a morphing of a dynamic space-making and user’s interaction.

A new stand alone merchandise display island is further informed by our previous project, FLOW, located within the same area. It aims to reconsider the balance between furniture and space.

Oct 2013 | Commercial | Built
Red DragonKartika Sari, Cimahi

Red Dragon redefines an organic sequence of spaces in responding to a confined rectangular site. 

Oct 2013 | Commercial | Built
Madame Sari RestaurantKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
Long and sinuous wicker bench brings dynamism to this newly renovated central dining area of Madame Sari Restaurant. The open atmosphere is now restored to improve visual clarity for the users. Its welcoming gesture organizes interior circulation and creates ample space for flexible table configurations to accommodate large groups of diners. This project manifests our continuous research in the use of rattan craft construction. The result is a striking duo-tone texture that complements its curving shape in the spirit of architecture that belongs to its place.
Jul 2013 | Commercial | Built
Monochroma-REDKartika Sari Kopo, Bandung
The design features a corner intervention which actively engages customers. The monochromatic color serves as background where horizontal display plates float, gradually emerge from a geometric accent wall and becomes a sloping landscape sculpture. We continue to explore notions of merchandise textural fields and to expand on pragmatic and innovative retail solution.
Apr 2013 | Commercial | Built
Kunang SpiroPlaza Senayan Mall, Jakarta

Illusion of space. The  full-height storefront "portals" present uninterrupted views into the store in a single view, with dedicated frames for the merchandise. Viewed from the interior, the recessed display units create a contrasting backdrop for highlighting the unique jewelry pieces into focus.

Dec 2012 | Commercial | Built
EchofoldKartika Sari Haji Akbar, Bandung
An important aspect of the work is this captured sense of fluidity, as the displayed merchandise is constantly evolving (seasonally) and responding to the moving customers inside the store. Four unique geometric islands twist and spiral-up while independently enriching the shopping experience and introducing surprises in human interaction. The islands are constructed in folded metal plates. The entire scheme is unified by a neutral off white color and black plinths.
Oct 2012 | Commercial | Built
MORENOSKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
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Sep 2012 | Commercial | Built
TOMODACHI BoutiqueGrand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta
The renovated shoe-box space is restructured at both opposite ends. The front area is for mannequin window display and cashier whereas the back end is for fitting rooms, waiting area and storage. Around 7100 orange cloth pins hovers over the interior, defining a line across existing elements such as lighting fixtures and linear AC grilles. The vertical orange wall accents the space and provide backdrop for the waiting area. 
Jul 2012 | Commercial | Built
WAVEKartika Sari Haji Akbar, Bandung
Wave is a design focusing on the use of natural fiber construction and craft. In this particular case, rattan is the material of choice which is a material commonly used in Indonesian wicker furniture. Our aim is to further reinterpret tradition in a new form that is still rooted in our cultural heritage. 
Jun 2012 | Commercial | Built
Meeting roomsKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
A continuous and dynamic ceiling arches extends to the farthest end corridor as additional interior canopy for the second floor restaurant sitting area. The corridor becomes a functional yet experiential space bordering a softly curving wall that contains 4 flexible meeting rooms. Each meeting rooms is centered on a barrel vault ceiling with integrated indirect lighting. A sense of continuity is achieved when partition screens are folded and the interior barrel vault ceiling design loosely creates a visual connection to the arches beyond.
Apr 2012 | Commercial | Built
Little GwenKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
A field of undulating nylon strings creates an aqueous ceiling which evokes exotic forms of sea life coral against natural sunlight. The resulting ambience is ever-changing and stimulates pleasing spatial layers with varying depth of pinkish hues seen from different vantage points. Upon closer observation, one is subjected to its particular design technique and fabrication.
Mar 2012 | Commercial | Built
FLOWKartika Sari Dago, Bandung
The formal concept of FLOW merchandise display island is dynamic landscape formations which deform, overlay and lounge to engage the customer's interaction and movement. The two masses are shaped according to functional and ergonomic considerations through predetermined groups and type of merchandise. 

Jun 2011 | Commercial | Built
House 6Jakarta
The house geometric presence gives a striking sculptural quality in a crowded residential block in central Jakarta. A continuous interior space on the ground floor is for living, entertaining and displaying art. Natural daylight and ventilation is a significant part of the scheme to enrich our client’s daily activities.
Jun 2011 | Residential | Built
House 11Jakarta
Located at the back plot of an existing house, House 11 maximizes the use natural ventilation through recycled teak frame and glass jalousie windows to cool the interior spaces. The new design is compact yet it feels spacious as a complete upgrade from the previous structure.  
Nov 2009 | Residential | Built
MR 150 housingBale Endah, Bandung
The design strategy for this site takes advantage of wooded and mountainous southern scenery. The north/south axis becomes the principal orientation for multiple housing typologies introduced to optimize individual lot division. Most units are single story house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 kitchenette and living/dining room.
Feb 2009 | Housing | Built
Pulau IndahBandung
Blue punctuates distinct areas such as main entrance, cashier, fitting rooms and storage in this newly unified space. A linear tubular steel frame runs throughout the interior perimeter for clothes display. The resulting space is bright and provides freedom for numerous in-store display configurations.
Mar 2008 | Commercial | Built
TS ResidenceBandung
The site is located on a north/south lane, lined with mature trees on both sides. All windows are positioned to allow natural daylighting and ventilation for optimized comfort, and to frame views. Ground floor living area can expand towards covered terrace and inner courtyard to accommodate entertaining programs.
Jan 2008 | Residential | Built
The design introduces an undulating plywood ceiling as a unifying element for the mezzanine area and the 6.5 meter high space for this shoe-box renovation project. Custom furniture pieces are integrated with existing structural columns and they define areas such as fitting rooms, merchandise display and cashier counters.
May 2007 | Commercial | Built
Situated at a corner of a busy intersection, the front façade displays an intense use of colors. For the interior, inserted red floor tiles and a mirror-finished stainless steel drop- ceiling create zones of flexible spaces which are possible for merchandise display, exhibition and workshop/classroom. Separate rooms are dedicated for cashier and storage.
Sep 2006 | Commercial | Built
Hana flower boutiqueJakarta
One long counter doubles as pedestal inside this glass box. It bends to allow for optimum work areas and storage. Lighting and calming neutral in-store color provide focus to the fresh flowers displayed.
Jun 2006 | Commercial | Built
firli illuminatiJakarta
An illuminated jewel box. Mirrored walls extend this retail space on three sides. The main seating area is defined by a luminous white steel frame and custom made sofas. The store is conceived as the new branding image for firli exclusive jewelry founded by prominent Indonesian jewelry designer Kunang Andries.
Feb 2006 | Commercial | Built
Pour Le MieuxJakarta
The design optimizes an oval plan into two distinct areas: perimeter circulation and interior cellular spaces which consist of fitting room, cashier and storage. Burgundy velvet panels provide backdrop to the clothes while absorbing sound reflected by the surrounding glass wall. The atmosphere is sophisticated yet exclusive.
Dec 2005 | Commercial | Built