• JBAJakarta

    A developer house conversion into commercial use where different tenants will occupy lower and upper floors.

    We firstly examined the characteristics of the existing house and understood the program change desired by our clients. 
    The solution called for interior stair relocation, elevating ceiling heights where possible, reducing dependency upon artificial lighting during the day, and improving natural air circulation.

    The majority of the design work happens on the upper floor, where natural light illuminates the main space. The ceiling is shaped organically transforming the space to convey light and shadow atmospheric qualities. A pre-existing central column and exposed roof structure became a focal point that tie in the overall design as one moves around the space.

    Glass blocks partition walls provide visual privacy without sacrificing the advantage of natural daylight from the adjacent area. The project also reused and refinished all pre-existing wooden doors.
    Jul 2020 | Commercial | Built
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