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    FEED cold pressed juice and healthy foods offers a range of juice and food products made from organic produce cultivated using sustainable agricultural methods by farmers in Ciwidey and Cikalong, West Java, Indonesia. The brand’s founder seeks to promote physical and psychological well-being through proper nourishment of our bodies, using a holistic approach based on simplicity and mindfulness. After the initial launch of FEED’s online store, HGT Architects was chosen to manifest these aspirations in the design of the company’s first physical store in Bandung, Indonesia.

    Drawing inspiration from the serene and organic landscape of Ciwidey as well as from contemporary art installations, the placement of new interior partitions within existing structures was deliberately conceived to create memorable visits where customers can learn more about the company’s products and mission. Our strategy was to create a space which promotes intimate interaction between customers and FEED’s merchandise in a way which contributes to aesthetically pleasing brand harmony.

    The moment one enters the store’s window-lined front seating area, you are immediately drawn to an array of floating bottles containing a vibrant rainbow of organic juices. A bespoke curving metallic wall’s reflection effectively amplifies the space whilst dematerializing its presence by dynamically encouraging customers to engage with FEED’s juice products. Walking throughout the store, you can sense the hospitality on offer and also become an active participant to form a space born of motion.

    Customers can also learn more about FEED and its products through looping digital graphics and videos projected onto a white wall. These projections simultaneously provide an ever-changing colorful light show which affects the ambience of the store exquisitely. A sense of weightlessness is also encountered with the placement of suspended tinted glass panels, white screen, shelves, and surfaces throughout the interior. When the right amount of dynamic forces coexists within a space, it enlivens the interior with a pulse of new life.

    We hope that through these distinctive perspectives and creations, visitors will share the value of a healthy lifestyle championed by FEED. In such encounters, the store truly comes to life.

    Nov 2018 | Commercial | Built
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