• Stanley MarthinBandung

    Inspired by the silhouette of pre-war cars, the project takes on a curvaceous volumetric composition, spanning the width of the building. The overall volume is composed of a translucent chrysalis hull, with its visible structural ribs, and a geometric anchor building to one side. Our design optimizes natural daylight and its location’s prevailing winds to cool the space. Translucent enclosure dominates facade surfaces where its autonomous expression and dramatically different scale recalls the glass barrel-vaulted roof of Le Grand Palais in Paris above its main exhibition space. A sense of rhythm - created by the assemblage of facade and roof structure, light transmitting materials and its soft filtering effect - blurs inside/outside boundaries. Diffused light reaches most corners of the building, producing a calming and introspective ambience. At night, this character is gradually transformed by lighting that washes from the interior onto the translucent skin. Without revealing the space inside, the Chrysalis Hull glows like a lantern or a bioluminescent organism.

    Comprising two levels with an additional underground service space, the ground plane integrates into the existing topography by means of split levels and ramps. The connection between the different elevation fulfills programmatic access primarily for the flow of cars around the working spaces and two access roads, while simultaneously introduces a whole range of new aspects. The result is a versatile multi-purpose environment where a wide range of social events can also take place, including exhibitions, meetings, presentations and receptions. Our intention is to create a precisely ordered and intimate environment which engages all users through their active relationships with the restoration work being done. Alongside the functional aspects of Stanley Marthin design, it is the attunement of the users that embodies the passionate encounter between automotive engineering and art, and between restoration and education. 
    Dec 2017 | Commercial | Built
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