• S.Kulon ResidenceBandung

    The house‚Äôs physical transformation relies on its existing compositional and constructive logic. Its main volume remains mostly unaltered, particularly its load-bearing walls and configuration of the roof.  To enhance architectural quality within, the renovation looks into an articulation between two expressions on the basis of vertical and horizontal expansiveness, as well as distribution of domestic spaces varying in scales. Most interior zones enjoy optimal natural lighting and ventilation, a fundamental comfort for tropical living.  

    The composition of new and existing structure is resolved in complimentary and contrasting ways. A new sculptural staircase creates a unique architectural moment. Its location is intended to engage and to anchor the central volume in the living area, occupying what previously was an outdoor terrace. Before entering the upper corridor, a deep skylight heightens the powerful simplicity of the double height volume. 

    Jun 2016 | Residential | Built
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