• Kirana Sari Flagship StoreBandung

    In achieving a recognizable design, Kirana Sari Flagship Store is the perfect expression reflecting the brand’s identity as a distillation of modern Indonesia. The design draws on many conventions of domestic interiors, to create spaces which people feel they inhabit and a specific presence in the city, however briefly. Our strategy aims for visual clarity which focuses on content rather than container by eliminating a confusion of elements with notable architectural experiences. 

    The main retail space has geometrically recessed high ceiling, accentuated with skylights. It creates an immediate impression of space and light and a dramatic context for display. White walls and light grey terrazzo floor are used to unify the space. Bespoke furniture made of rattan weave, metal and re-purposed teak wood completes the interior furniture. Each is designed as mobile furniture for numerous configurations within the store.
    Various openings further connection to adjacent terrace where the café is situated next to a garden at the heart of the premise.  Specially designed rattan chairs and tables are supported by black steel frame offering visual balance in the space. Natural light and airflow are used to define enclaves of spatial interventions throughout the entire building. The project is a world of luminous planes with rigorously considered proportions.
    Apr 2015 | Commercial | Built
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