• Magelang Arts & Cultural CenterMagelang

    A single building of multiple qualities, conditions and environments, is equipped to engage in displaying Indonesian contemporary paintings and to host various social functions. The design seeks to re-energize dysfunctional spaces in an existing warehouse in its current state of disrepair and to strengthen its potentials while remains open for future expansion. The entire front building will contain the main exhibition space and makes optimal use of walls and floors. It creates environments that are specific, varied and changeable. Administrative offices, bookstore, cafĂ© and storage are distributed towards the middle and rear annexed single-story building. The flow of artifacts, information, and users is organized in a linear and most effective fashion. This building will use current technologies to provide ideal, climate-controlled conditions for displaying the arts and to welcome art patrons and their communities. 

    Collaborator: Glenn Hartanto Architects.
    May 2007 | Culture | Project
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