• ITB MosqueJatinangor

    The Mosque complex functions to serve the ITB campus as well as local community. It is a social space and a cultural space that provide services in educating the public about Islamic values. The entrance to the complex is marked by geometric composition of the various facilities, elevated main prayer hall and linked open public areas on the ground floor celebrating the coming together of diversified audience and religious tolerance. It is also a gateway to the ITB campus from its southeastern corner.

    Our strategy is to take advantage of the sloping site. The northen parking area connects the mosque complex with campus' vehicular access. By placing the main prayer hall at its highest and appropriate level, the supporting programs reside on the ground floor around a central communal space which are connected directly to the pedestrian entrances. There are office spaces, a multipurpose hall, male ablution area, storage, and caretaker's apartments easily accessible from the central communal space. The ground floor is designed to accommodate extra praying spaces needed during Moslem religious holidays.    

    The main building for the prayer hall is oriented towards Mecca and provides unobstructed views towards the surrounding. It features a double height space that is naturally ventilated and admits an ample amount of daylight into the interior room. The ambulatory spaces on three sides welcome visitors to the Mosque praying hall from the south, to the library, and it connects the female ablution area to the stairs leading to female mezzanine praying space. The stair is located inside a thirty meter tall minaret, designed as a twisting plane rising from the ground. Trees will be planted around the complex to provide shades for the outdoor communal sitting areas. 
    Oct 2012 | Culture | Competition
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