• Center for Arts, Design and LanguagesITB campus, Bandung

    'Study, production and display' becomes the central theme of our proposal. The building's organization enhances the curriculum without limiting its development and exemplifies areas of cross-fertilization as well as areas of specialization. Gradual transition between exterior and interior of any physical rooms, trigger particular uses into an interactive display sequence, ubiquitous production space and so on. The combination of public access and mixed programs reinforces a fluid continuation of campus and city life.

    Building sections create multiple depths: the upper studio spaces hover above two inner courtyards crowning the maximum building envelop. As circulation routes meander downwards, to the north is a cluster of graphic labs & a transparent bridge straddling two inner courtyards. To the south is an impressive & luminous museum-like cascading terraces creates a continent of possibilities, strategies & opportunities. Activities as creative outlets constantly redefine its foregrounding context. The use of space is participatory & collaborative suitable for any medium.

    Curving glass facades & rectangular walls underline stylistic unity needed for The Languages Department and the Arts and Design Department requiring separate entries on the ground floor. Two inner courtyards functioning as public gathering spaces define a coherent entry sequence.
    Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
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