• Golf Club ResortBatam

    The hotel's billowing roof line and elongated shape make historical reference to a traditional Padang house floating on pilotis where the landscape is continuous below. Respectful of its environment, the Padang house utilizes cross ventilation to cool the interior spaces. Sumatra's rich textile heritage shows subtle and intricate transition while maintaining linearity in its pattern. Eventhough linearity is explored for its structural organization, it remains truthful and is never monotonous. This colorful palette becomes the inspiration for exterior finishes and interior treatments. 

    Our design strategy plans for several building constructions phases to seamlessly connect and function throughout the length of site development. The hotel sits at the elbow of the site opening up and overlooking the golf course. Individual private balconies of each room will have splendid view to enjoy the sunset. In the center of the site, a half sunken mass consists of a grand ballroom and smaller meeting rooms. A series of long-stay apartments and 12 private villas will complete the general plan. Lush landscaping will occupy most of the open area producing a seductive environment that exudes awe and calmness. The vast hanging garden as the hotel's main feature should transcend approaching guests for a relaxing and exciting stay. 
    May 2011 | Hospitality | Project
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