• Center for Research and Community ServicesITB campus, Bandung

    Situated at the end of a traverse axis, our proposal consists of a medium-high public entity and a tall sculpted mass connected by a grand public staircase. The building captures the campus' energy inward and releases it back into platforms of consolidated autonomous public and students facilities, such as auditorium, canteen, library, viewing gallery, large classrooms, with a transparent multi-purpose sports hall at its center. 

    An expansive canopy, effective for tropical climate, provides shades and the flexibity suited for a variety of multi-cultural events to take place at the heart of the building as an active public stage. Its open-ness produces external presence of a new insertion.

    The specific urban position - bordering on ITB campus' edge - calls for the transparent nature of the east elevation as it invites passers-by to engage in the everyday activities of ITB students. Seemingly random facade openings operate as "opportunistic" portholes for the users to embrace the campus views from varying heights to appreciate the beauty of its surrounding. 
    Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
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