• Vocational School, Univ. IndonesiaDepok

    During the actual process of change in The University of Indonesia, the new vocational school building marks a thoughtful departure. The current masterplan consisting of linear buildings arranged along a straight walkway has an implication of separating the various departments. By intensifying the relationship of these separate entities, it creates exciting possibilities for a new campus.

    In order to set conditions for both a creative and a productive teaching/learning environment, the design seeks to stimulate meaningful communications between all departments by introducing a "social mat" on the base of the building. This programmed circulation system evolves upwardly to embrace the different classrooms, tutor rooms, laboratories, and teacher's offices. The open ground level allows for the existing landscape to actively engage and become part of a continuous experience. Multiple places of different characters bathed in layers of natural daylight signifies maximum capacity for all public functions, such as meeting areas, student facilities, exhibition spaces and student eateries. 

    Inside this volume, a collection of rooms is almost urban, with circulation routes meander and crisscross along building's perimeter and internal voids. An attempt has been made to create maximum use of natural ventilation and sight lines while maintaining as many contextual qualities as possible with the larger campus scheme. The shape of the building synthesizes architecture as a respond to tropical climate, construction and identity, making the building a landmark.
    Jul 2009 | Education | Competition
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