• The Polish History MuseumWarsaw, Poland

    A new civic presence

    To give the Polish History Museum a strong and positive image, we propose to create a new landmark building that compliments the existing landscape and make it a continuous whole, putting it in its place a complex and singular architecture that becomes the new symbol for Warsaw, conquers the disjunction created by the Trasa Łazienkowska and appropriates views of the Skarpa Wiślana and beyond. 

    We excavated the main forum as the museum’s heart and a place for public gathering away from the Trasa Łazienkowska traffic noise. Large ramps will take visitors from park level, from whence he or she can descend through the different programs of museum café and shop, use a direct link to the media library, education and seminar facilities, and finally to the large permanent and temporary exhibition halls. The museum’s forum is open to nature similar to a belvedere and its strong ties to the surrounding park will form an integral part of the museum visit.

    The volumes of the museum galleries engage the Skarpa Wiślana to the east of the site by projecting outwards. They speak clearly of their function, as a flexible large space connected by interior ramps. Inside the first three galleries, large windows are strategically located to frame views of Zamek Ujazdowski and extensive landscape beyond Skarpa Wiślana.
    Jun 2009 | Culture | Competition
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