• Nursing School, Univ. IndonesiaDepok

    The University of Indonesia is undergoing a series of campus transformations which includes new building expansion to accommodate a growing number of faculty staffs and students. Our design for the Nursing School combines a ramp circulation system from ground level to roof top garden with rows of flexible spaces which can be turned into either classrooms, teacher's offices or seminar rooms. In this way, informal places for teachers and students to interact occur at transitory corridors at almost every level. 

    A translucent mass to the east houses larger auditoria, reading rooms and labs. Facade treatments and programmatic groupings highlight strategic responses toward tropical climate, where interior courtyard and voids allow for cross-ventilation and to provide shaded areas for a variety of student activities and an attempt to create a gentler dialogue between the building and the larger university's landscape.
    May 2011 | Education | Competition
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