• Center for Infrastructure and Built EnvironmentITB campus, Bandung

    Two strategies initiate the design of this visually dynamic building as it twists towards the upper floors. Firstly, the building integrates spatial and programmatic definition intended to promote focused and interactive learning environments. Secondly, an efficient sustainability concept is developed around a central atrium distributing reflected daylight and promoting passive air cooling inside the building. 

    In order to simultaneously engage the surrounding campus, the library and two auditoria are placed in the mid section. This configuration allows atrium to open itself up towards the campus and provides anchor points that are highly flexible and controlled. This uniquely intersecting voids create a distinct and responsive visual identity.

    Rather than multiplying typical floor plans throughout, strategic shifts occur at different point establishing rhythmic transition placement for labs, classrooms, offices, and an upper outdoor terrace. Each interior space celebrates individual expression of harnessing the surrounding views.
    Feb 2010 | Education | Competition
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