• Lombok Epicentrum SquareMataram

    Lombok Epicentrum Square, as an organic whole, is conceived and inspired by the local Sasak traditional village. Instead of borrowing Sasak's rice barn formal appearance like many of the current development in Lombok, we question the value of transformation adapted from local culture. We build our understanding upon the village's sustainability standards such as meandering public path to access a range of facilities to be enjoyed primarily by walking, zones of shaded area beneath the tropical sun, and the effective integration of building and landscape.

    The brief requires half of the site must accommodate a three star hotel, a shopping and entertainment complex and parking facilities while the remaining site is open for new interpretations. Reflecting on the program, we decided to address the demand for exhibition/convention space, public library, cultural center, health clinic, a fire engine station, a vocational school to support the raising demands for hospitality workers, and additional parking facilities.

    Accordingly, the combination of building programs and interwoven public plazas enhance the permeability of pedestrian use and its connection to the city. A string of vehicular access is placed close to the perimeter with strategic drop off/pick up points.
    Jul 2012 | Masterplan | Competition
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