• Little GwenKartika Sari Dago, Bandung

    A field of undulating nylon strings creates an aqueous ceiling which evokes exotic forms of sea life coral against natural sunlight. The resulting ambience is ever-changing and stimulates pleasing spatial layers with varying depth of pinkish hues seen from different vantage points. Upon closer observation, one is subjected to its particular design technique and fabrication.   

    Round air conditioning grilles are located strategically throughout the interior as points of disturbances - like water droplets – which generate the swirls, berms, and swales. As these contours take shape, the interior space expands and contracts, and they also conceal existing structural beams and mechanical trays at varying heights. Density of material and tonal contrast made of highlight, shade and shadow heightens the three dimensional volume of figural interstices in relation to merchandise display area versus customer’s path.

    Technically, the design explores and experiments with the merging of high and low technology. In order to produce highly specific modulation of surface, a set of computer aided design model and drawings were executed to serve as templates. A full size in situ mock-up became an integral part of the design process and a decision was made to manually hand-cut 800+ unique sections of 0.6 mm thick stainless steel plates.

    Material texture and desired effect were found in nylon strings commonly used for shoelaces and drawstrings for pants or hoodie sweaters. A series of lengths and ways of fabricating were tried until the exact density of length, texture, and colorations were achieved. The beauty of hand labor in the making-process is evident in the slight length irregularities of nylon strings woven into a tile of 20 cm by 20 cm wiremesh. Once the string was cut, the exposed split ends resembles an impressionistic blooming of micro flowers or sea anemone tentacles or star-like points. 

    It amounts to about 2300 pieces of wiremesh tiles to cover the entire undulating ceiling. The nylon string itself weighs about 1.3 tons excluding the structural grid above. On the contrary, the overall aesthetic impression of the installation appears light, soft, and dynamic. 
    Mar 2012 | Commercial | Built
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