• MKAABandung

    Our proposal took the existing, vacant buildings and the unbuilt area and merged them with new infrastructure and construction to form a cultural block with the Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (MKAA) or Museum of the Asian African Conference as its heart. Auxiliary functions, such as multi purpose hall, ATM+Gallery, Urban Creative Center, Public Library and a reading park will complete the southern perimeter block. The new public space gives way to complex juxtapositions, overlaps and - occasionally - confrontations of various types of collective spaces.

    Enhanced by precise architectural operations, the 'negative space' can thus become appreciated as a new collective space and the positive space for an active engagement with the city. Massive plinths of existing buildings become newly covered public space. The site is kept open, public, and vital, contributing to a sustainable urban life. MKAA proposal manufactures urban density for civic ends.

    Jun 2010 | Masterplan | Competition
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