• House 11Jakarta

    The house is located at the back of an existing house enclosed by tall perimeter walls of the neighboring houses. The previous house had insufficient air flow and was lacking daylight distribution throughout the interior spaces. Our newly designed lay out, placed the main building mass in the middle of a perimeter corridor in order to achieve passive air flow to ventilate the interior spaces and the cooking area towards the back. This semi-opened kitchen provides better cooking area for the owner who loves to cook.

    The new house is spacious and bright. The translucent glass jalousie windows, recycled from the previous house, reduce glare from late afternoon sun and provides privacy needed from the surrounding two to three storey houses. These windows and screen doors allow breeze to circulate in and out of the house. In the evening, energy saving light bulbs was used as down lights in the main living and dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. We achieved our design goals in providing our client an affordable upgrade where comfort living coexists in the hustle bustle of tropical megapolitan city, Jakarta.
    Nov 2009 | Residential | Built
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