HGT Architects is a full service architecture firm that produces designs and studies in the fields of architecture, interior design, adaptive re-use and master planning. 
The firm recognizes each project as an integrated whole involving clients' aspirations, contextual environment and innovative architectural proposals. 

Our approach to design starts with collaborative dialogues with you as clients. 
We carefully assess your requirements, your goals, your project’s strengths and constraints, along with contextual condition. Each project moves beyond a simple functional container in favor of built environment that promotes inspiration, comfort, and long term pleasure in use. 

HGT Architects works with a team of contractors, consultants, fabricators and other specialists for each project. In this way, we collectively pursue new insights and thoroughness in search of specific innovative solutions. Whether creating inspirational spaces to live, work in or visit, HGT Architects believes in providing our users and occupants with a renewed sense of the world around them. 

4th Place Competition Winner, Nursing School at The University of Indonesia in Depok
Shortlisted MKAA competition entry exhibition at the Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika
Finalist, British Council International Young Creative Entrepreneur