Lombok Epicentrum SquareMataram
Lombok Epicentrum Square, as an organic whole, is conceived and inspired by the local Sasak traditional village. Instead of borrowing Sasak's rice barn formal appearance like many of the current development in Lombok, we question the value of transformation adapted from local culture. We build our understanding upon the village's sustainability standards such as meandering public path to access a range of facilities to be enjoyed primarily by walking, zones of shaded area beneath the tropical sun, and the effective integration of building and landscape.
Jul 2012 | Masterplan | Competition
AQSA CampusSragen
The premise of the new AQSA factory plant requires a negotiation between integrated green spaces and the predetermined production sequence imposed on the site. In our proposal, green spaces and communal facilities are distributed across the site and we organize clusters of production zones around them. The overall plant resembles a checker board co-existence of uninterrupted independence versus maximum contact. The front elevation facing the main road is to be covered by tropical green vines creating a lush tunnel, making it an identity to set it apart from the neighboring plants. 
Oct 2010 | Masterplan | Competition
Our proposal took the existing, vacant buildings and the unbuilt area and merged them with new infrastructure and construction to form a cultural block with the Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (MKAA) or Museum of the Asian African Conference as its heart. Auxiliary functions, such as multi purpose hall, ATM+Gallery, Urban Creative Center, Public Library and a reading park will complete the southern perimeter block. The new public space gives way to complex juxtapositions, overlaps and - occasionally - confrontations of various types of collective spaces.

Jun 2010 | Masterplan | Competition
AREA 31Bale Endah, Bandung
The project visualizes an idealistic, realistic and sincere planning proposal for a 31-hectare land. The masterplan explores a polycentric high density living conditions by allowing adjacent active farm lands and artisan villages to become an integral part of its strategic and flexible planning.
Apr 2009 | Masterplan | Project
One hectare GardenBandung
Upon arrival, visitors stand before an entry gate with panoramic view of the entire garden. The garden lies behind an existing retaining wall with a 2 meter drop.

A network of pebbled pathways and brick paving links the diverse botanical clusters where visitors are allowed to participate in cultivating vegetables and flowers or to simply enjoy the landscape. 

Grass lawn is designated for picnic area and al fresco dining, surrounded by aromatic flower gardens and water features.
Feb 2006 | Masterplan | Project
Garden of Hope, Nusa DuaBali
A new garden for social optimism
Our proposal of park infrastructures redesign constitutes an integrated landscape of cultural surfaces. It embodies and manifests multiple layers of landforms, history, tradition, technological innovations, collective and popular recreations. The park expresses a tableau of evolving relationships, momentum and self-organizing structures of patterns and events. It moves beyond a simple functionalism in favor of models that promote adaptability, technical cooperation, technical innovation, comfort, and pleasure. The subdivision of the surfaces of the site into these major elements, provide a contemporary template for a co-evolving system of mutual interconnection.

Aug 2005 | Masterplan | Competition