Dago GuesthouseBandung
The project is located on a hillside with excellent view towards the valley and the city of Bandung. Our design proposes new addition of 6 new suites over underused concrete terraces. The existing house is preserved and will accommodate a dining area/ballroom dancing terrace, administrative office, a second floor art gallery and 4 refurbished bedroom suites. A covered outdoor stair connects the ground floor to the remaining suites via new sitting terraces. 
Sep 2011 | Hospitality | Project
Golf Club ResortBatam
The hotel's billowing roof line and elongated shape make historical reference to a traditional Padang house floating on pilotis where the landscape is continuous below. Sumatra's rich textile heritage shows subtle and intricate transition while maintaining linearity in its pattern. This colorful palette becomes the inspiration for exterior finishes and interior treatments. 
May 2011 | Hospitality | Project
Hotel KBandung
Its 850 meter altitude above sea level presents an ideal setting to enjoy temperate climate of Bandung and to view Mount Tangkubanparahu. Contextually, the site is well-located in a prime area, except it has drawbacks of poor architectural quality of its immediate surroundings. Our proposal aims for a singular building combining spatial excitement and conceptual clarity.
Nov 2005 | Hospitality | Project