ITB MosqueJatinangor
The Mosque complex functions to serve the ITB campus as well as local community. It is a social space and a cultural space that provide services in educating the public about Islamic values. The entrance to the complex is marked by geometric composition of the various facilities, elevated main prayer hall and linked open public areas on the ground floor celebrating the coming together of diversified audience and religious tolerance. It is also a gateway to the ITB campus from its southeastern corner.
Oct 2012 | Culture | Competition
National Library (Perpusnas)Jakarta
The proposed site is behind the historic Trisula Building, located amongst government buildings. Our design is a semi-transparent cube which aspires to provide a civic institution for the circulation of knowledge. A generous multi-level reading room ascends upward to connect with overlapping platforms of books arranged in a thoughtful and logical manner. The result is a luminous volume comfortable for reading. Visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the National Monument. 
Nov 2010 | Culture | Competition
The Polish History MuseumWarsaw, Poland
A new civic presence

To give the Polish History Museum a strong and positive image, we propose to create a new landmark building that compliments the existing landscape and make it a continuous whole, putting it in its place a complex and singular architecture that becomes the new symbol for Warsaw, conquers the disjunction created by the Trasa Łazienkowska and appropriates views of the Skarpa Wiślana and beyond. 

Jun 2009 | Culture | Competition
Magelang Arts & Cultural CenterMagelang
A single building of multiple qualities, conditions and environments, is equipped to engage in displaying Indonesian contemporary paintings and to host various social functions. The design seeks to re-energize dysfunctional spaces in an existing warehouse in its current state of disrepair and to strengthen its potentials while remains open for future expansion. 
May 2007 | Culture | Project