Kirana Sari Flagship Store, Bandung
Center for Infrastructure and Built Environment, ITB campus, Bandung
Madame Sari Restaurant, Kartika Sari Dago, Bandung
Villa Dago, Bandung
Little Gwen, Kartika Sari Dago, Bandung
ITB Mosque, Jatinangor
FLOW, Kartika Sari Dago, Bandung
House 6, Jakarta
WAVE, Kartika Sari Haji Akbar, Bandung
Center for Research and Community Services, ITB campus, Bandung
Vocational School, Univ. Indonesia, Depok
  • A full service architecture firm A full service architecture firm

    HGT Architects is a full service architecture firm that produces designs and studies in the fields of architecture, interior design, adaptive re-use and master planning.
    The firm recognizes each project as an integrated whole involving clients' aspirations, contextual environment and innovative architectural proposals.more
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